About the recipes

There is nothing more delicious, nutritious or emotionally satisfying than freshly-picked food straight from the garden! Given the choice I would eat nothing else. Even during the winter months, a jar of homemade salsa or soup can conjure up the warmth and freshness of summer. The recipes I share here will follow the progression of the seasons, using ingredients that are currently available from the farmer’s market, your CSA, your own garden, or even foraged in the wild.

Many of my recipes include options for dietary restrictions such as gluten-free, vegetarian and dairy free (I myself can’t tolerate uncultured dairy, so you won’t find much milk in my recipes). The majority of my cooking is plant-based, but I believe local, ethically raised meats can be part of a healthy, sustainable diet. In addition to vegetarian recipes I’ll be including tips on how to use animal products from the farm (stay tuned for instructions on how to render lard!).

As a preface to each recipe you’ll find an update on our adventures as we work to start our own organic farm. I hope you enjoy!