Seedlings for Spring 2020

We are taking seedling orders for spring 2020! To place an order, e-mail us at summersbeth@ with the variety and number of seedlings of each mvariety you would like. Your order will be available for pick up at the farm, located 4 miles outside Viroqua. If necessary, we can provide delivery for those who are unable to pick up their order.

When we receive your order, we’ll confirm the total price and coordinate pickup.  Payments can be made via PayPal to (this is the preferred method) or with a check at the time of pickup. Although we can’t offer public access to the greenhouse at this time, we will have a convenient pickup table with your order ready when you arrive.

Our plants are grown using organic methods without the use of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. All seedlings are from certified organic seeds, and seedlings are planted in organic approved soil.

We make every effort to provide you with the healthiest possible seedlings using only organic methods. If you are not completely happy with your seedlings, we will do our best to replace them. We control aphids in our greenhouse by releasing native ladybugs, but occasionally aphids may be present on seedlings. In our experience, aphids are easily rinsed away with a strong stream of water and will not survive when your seedlings are transplanted outside.  

The seedling varieties listed below are currently available for purchase. More varieties will be added as they become ready for transplant!

Cold-Hardy Crops

Dwarf Blue Curled Kale0624-dwarf-blue-curled-scotch-kale-organic

4-packs: $4.00 each

Gorgeous, finely curled blue-green leaves hold their color even in severe cold. Uniform low-growing plants are 15″ tall with a 20-35″ spread. Very hardy; will overwinter with mulch in zones 4-5. Ornamental and delicious.


Red Russian Kale 0625-red-russian-kale-organic

$1.50 each (4″ x 4″ pot)

4-packs: $4.00 each


Old Timey Blue Collards1612-ole-timey-blue-collard-organic

$1.50 each (4″ x 4″ pot)

An heirloom favorite! Gorgeous purple color makes them ornamental as well as edible. Plants grow to 2′ tall with blue-green leaves and purple stems/veins. Very good eating qualities.



Green Grapegreen grape

$2.00 each (4″ x 4″ pot)

Unique 1″ cherry tomatoes are olive-yellow when ripe. Very productive. Juicy and wonderfully sweet with a hint of spice. Determinate, 80-90 days from transplant.


Amish SaladAmish-Salad-Tomato

$2.00 each (4″ x 4″ pot)

Produces high yields of 1 to 2 oz dark pink cherry tomatoes. They are very sweet, firm, and flavorful. Perfect for salads, snacks, sauces, and drying. Holds on the vines for a long time without rotting. Grows in clusters from 4 to 6.  Indeterminate, 80 days from transplant.


Black KrimBlack krim

$2.00 each (4″ x 4″ pot)

An heirloom tomato from the Crimean Peninsula of Russia. Produces large, juicy fruits with excellent, rich flavor and a beautiful, dark maroon color. Indeterminate, 70-90 days from transplant.


Cuore de Toro

$2.00 each (4″ x 4″ pot)

This Italian heirloom, a huge, pink Oxheart type, weighs in at a gigantic 2 lbs. or more! Abundant, 4″ fruits on vigorous plants are a colorful pinkish-red with a wonderful sweet flavor. Indeterminate, 89 days.



Garden Huckleberry0622-garden-huckleberry-organic

$2.00 each (4″ x 4″ pot)

Upright 3-4′ branched plants produce hundreds of ¾” purple-black berries in clusters. Best when picked after berries turn from glossy to dull black. Tasteless when raw and unsweetened; best used in sauces, pies and preserves. Use about 1 pound of berries to ½ cup of sweetener for best flavor. Good for freezing and canning. 75-80 days from transplant.


Eggplant – Ping Tung

$2.00 each (4″ x 4″ pot)


King of the Northking-of-the-north-pepper

$2.00 each (4″ x 4″ pot)

The best red bell pepper for northern gardeners where the seasons are cool and short. Blocky uniform fruits are excellent for stuffing or fresh eating. Great sweet flavor.


Lunchbox Redlunchboxred

$2.00 each (4″ x 4″ pot)

Sweet and flavorful red snack peppers. These beautiful, mini-sized peppers are delicious sautéed, as an addition to salads and, perfect for a healthy snack. Smooth red fruits average 2-2 1/2″ long by 1″ wide.


Miniature Yellow Bellminiature-yellow-bell-pepper-organic

$2.00 each (4″ x 4″ pot)

Short stocky plants covered with lovely 2″ long miniature bell peppers with an excellent fresh flavor. Great for salads. 90 days from transplant. 


Orange Bellorange-bell-pepper-organic

$2.00 each (4″ x 4″ pot)

Blocky 4″ bell peppers have thick walls and excellent flavor. Heavy yielding. Can also be eaten green. 90 days from transplant.


Sweet Chocolate1216-sweet-chocolate-pepper-organic

$2.00 each (4″ x 4″ pot)

Thick sweet flesh, ripens from green to chocolate on the outside and brick red inside.  Great for gardeners in short season areas. 60-85 days from transplant.


Wisconsin Lakes1432A-wisconsin-lakes-pepper-organic

$2.00 each (4″ x 4″ pot)

Great choice for an early maturing bell pepper. Reliable yields of thick-walled, 4-6 oz. fruits that ripen from green to red. 75-85 days from transplant.



Tequila Sunrise

$2.00 each (4″ x 4″ pot)

A delicious ornamental pepper, produces sweet, 5-in. fruit on a beautiful plant. Use it fresh or as a frying pepper. 60-78 days from transplant.



Early Jalapenoearly jalapeno

$2.00 each (4″ x 4″ pot)

Small, moderately spicy fruits with thick walls are traditionally harvested dark green but can be allowed to ripen to red. A classic eaten fresh or pickled with Mexican dishes! Compact plants are sturdy and work well in containers.



Boothby’s Blonde0916-boothys-blonde-cucumber-organic

$2.00 each (3″ x 3″ pot)

Heavy producer of oval, creamy yellow, warty fruits with black spines. Excellent crisp sweet flavor, no need to peel. Best when eaten at 4″ long. Very good for bread and butter pickles. 55-60 days.



$2.00 each (3″ x 3″ pot)

A small winter squash from France, inversely pear-shaped, with a flavor like chestnuts. The name is derived from the French: potiron (pumpkin) and marron (chestnut). Superb table quality in a small (3-4 pounds) manageable size. 85-95 days.


Acorn Squash – Table Queen0244C-table-queen-squash

$2.00 each (3″ x 3″ pot)

Petite (1 pound), furrowed, soft shelled, high quality fruits with sweet orange flesh. Excellent for baking. 80-90 days.


Thelma Sanders1224-thelma-sanders-squash-organic

$2.00 each (3″ x 3″ pot)

Wonderful cream-colored acorn squash. Sweet chestnut flavor, enormously productive. Originally from Thelma Sanders of Kirksville, Missouri. Thelma described this good keeper as ‘better than sweet potatoes.’ 85-90 days.


Summer Squash – Pattypan1221A-jaune-et-verte-squash-organic

$2.00 each (3″ x 3″ pot)

Creamy white scallop squash with green stripes, borne on bush plants with high yields. Good eating qualities when young, rock-hard ornamental when fully mature. 55-70 days.


Zucchini – Black Beauty1303-black-beauty-zucchini-squash-organic

$2.00 each (3″ x 3″ pot)

Compact everbearing bush plants are loaded with glossy green-black fruits with firm white flesh. Best eaten when under 8″ long. Excellent variety for freezing. 45-65 days.


Watermelon – Chelsea1238-chelsea-watermelon-organic

$2.00 each (3″ x 3″ pot)

Sweet, pink-fleshed, 15-20 pound fruits with white seeds will keep for several weeks once picked. From Chelsea, Iowa, historically famous for watermelon growing. 80-90 days.



$2.00 each (3″ x 3″ pot)

An Israeli perfume melon held in high esteem for its sweet, tangy green flesh that is much richer than any honeydew. Melons grow to 3-4 pounds. A good melon for northern climates, ripens in 85 days.


Green Nutmeg0210-green-nutmeg-melon-organic

$2.00 each (3″ x 3″ pot)

Belongs to a class of muskmelons known as “nutmeg” due to its shape, netting, and aroma; one of the oldest types grown in America. High yields of melons that weigh 2-3 pounds, very reliable year after year. Wonderful aroma and sweet flavor. 80 days.


Collective Farm Woman0615-collective-farm-woman-melon

$2.00 each (3″ x 3″ pot)

Ukrainian heirloom grows to 10”, with a yellow-gold rind with and super-sweet white flesh. Harvest when skin turns orange-yellow. Cool-weather melon perfect for short-season gardeners. Stores well for weeks after harvest. 80-85 days.


Genovese Basil0271-genovese-basil-herb-organic

4-packs: $2.00 each

This classic large-leaved Italian sweet basil, prized for its flavor and heady aroma, is a top pick for many cooks when making pesto. Fragrant plants grow 18-24″ and produce densely branched plants when pinched back regularly. Can be chopped and frozen in olive oil for winter use. Annual.


Greek Oregano1249-greek-oregano-herb-organic

$1.50 each (3″ x 3″ pot)

This species, commonly known as Greek oregano, is said to have a cleaner and sharper taste than true oregano. An essential garden herb with a pungent flavor, this perennial bears light green, pointed, oval leaves that are slightly wavy at the edges.