The Farm

At Birdsong Ridge Farm, we see an opportunity to make a difference in our tiny corner of the world, both by practicing regenerative agriculture and by providing high-quality, freshly-harvested food to our local community. We are gifted with the opportunity to deliver organically-grown food directly to the restaurants and individuals in our area.

We use exclusively organic methods, growing food without chemical pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers. Transitioning land from conventional farming to organic production is difficult, especially in the first few years, but is vitally important for restoring soil health. We use tools such as cover cropping, no-till practices, biological pest controls, crop rotation, pollinator strips, and diverse plantings to build soil and reduce pest problems.



In our greenhouse, we’re using techniques that allow us to produce greens, herbs and other vegetables nearly year-round. We maintain an unheated greenhouse in winter, regulating temperatures using layers of cover cloth and water barrels.


In our orchard, we’re committed to growing fruit without the use of chemical pesticides. That means that we spend more time sorting to find less-blemished fruits for market. Many of our less-perfect apples and pears turn into delicious cider or vinegar!


Contact us to arrange a visit to the farm, or visit us at the Viroqua Farmer’s Market!