Our Story

Welcome to Birdsong Ridge Farm! We are a small, family owned farm located in Viroqua, Wisconsin. We specialize in year-round, organically-grown leafy greens. In the spring we offer vegetable seedlings, herbs, and pollinator-attracting flowers for your garden.

Starting in 2017, we’ve been working to transform 10 acres of conventionally farmed cropland to organic fruit and vegetable production. Through the process of cover cropping, adding organic matter to the soil, and introducing plant diversity, we hope to restore soil processes after years of damage from corn and soybean monoculture. So far it’s proven to be a more difficult task than we bargained for, and the birth of our second child in the midst of it all has added new challenges! We have plenty more hard work in store, but we’re driven by our passion for growing delicious, nourishing food and restoring ecological health to our land.

Through our blog we invite you to follow our adventures (and occasional blunders) along the way, from our initial search for farmland through the learning process involved in becoming new farmers. As former research biologists, we have a lot to learn about farming, both from other farmers and through our own trial and error.

As part of our blog posts, I periodically include a delicious wholesome recipe that makes use of seasonal, locally grown ingredients. My recipes use whole, unprocessed foods and focus on fresh, seasonal produce. Our passion for food is what drives us to grow our own fresh fruits and vegetables. With our blog, we hope we can inspire others with ideas for using seasonally available items from the local farmers market or from their own home garden. We’re always looking for inspiration and invite you to contact us with your ideas as well!